More Shark Week? Yes, Please!

August 14, 2020
Whale Shark
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That’s right—we’re talking sharks! Why? Well, since 1988, the Discovery Channel has been hosting Shark Week—a week’s worth of shark-based programming to support conservation efforts. Shark Week has come a long way since it first aired over thirty years ago. Today, Shark Week is popular among viewers and celebrities alike, with celebrities lending their support of Discovery Channel’s efforts by making special appearances or participating in shark-related challenges and activities. (We’ll never forget the biggest shark race ever between a great white shark and Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps back in 2018!) This year, champion boxer Mike Tyson, and other celebrities such as Will Smith and Snoop Dogg, joined in on the Shark Week fun. Here at Xyza, we don’t want Shark Week to end! That’s why we’re continuing Shark Week with five fun facts about these toothy fish!

Greenland Shark
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1.  Unlike humans who only have two sets of teeth their entire life, sharks regenerate (or regrow) their teeth whenever they lose one. Neat, right?

2.  The average lifespan of a shark is twenty to thirty years, but some sharks can live to be centuries old. What kind of shark has the longest known lifespan? The Greenland shark! These sharks can live to be 400 years old!

3.  The biggest living shark in the world is the whale shark. They can grow as large as sixty-feet long—that’s approximately the length of a bowling lane!

4.  In 1975, the movie Jaws was released into the theaters. This was the first time that an animatronic shark was used in the movies!

5.  Sharks have been around for over 400 million years!

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