Robot News

December 9, 2021

There’s a lot happening in the world of robotics. From those that look like dogs (Hi, Spot!) to those who dance and those who can support large events, such as the Olympics. With so many different uses, it’s no wonder why more and more businesses (and everyday folks like us!) are turning to robots for support. Here’s some robot news that might leave you wondering if you’ll have a robot in your life one day!

Paging Nurse Grace

In August, a humanoid nurse robot named Grace was unveiled by Hong Kong robotics company Hanson Robotics. Grace speaks three languages (English, Mandarin, and Cantonese) and was designed to be a doctor’s assistant. It can do things like take a patient’s temperature with its thermal camera, which can help doctors diagnose illnesses. Hanson Robotics is planning to begin mass producing humanoid robots, like Grace and their other humanoid robot Sophia, at the end of this year.

Would you want a robot nurse taking care of you?

Interesting Fact: In 2016, Hanson Robotics introduced their first humanoid robot to the world. Its name was Sophia. Sophia became a viral sensation when the Saudi Arabian government granted it citizenship in 2017. Yes, it’s the first robot to claim that it’s a citizen of a country!

Sophia the Robot. By ITU Pictures from Geneva, Switzerland – https://www.flickr.com/photos/itupictures/27254369347/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=69218227

A Tesla Robot?

Motors. Earlier this year, Musk announced that Tesla will be building humanoid robots that will take on various tasks. What kind of tasks, you might be wondering? According to Musk, “It’s basically going to start dealing with work that is boring, repetitive, and dangerous.” It’ll take some work to reach this goal of mass producing robots, but if his successful electric car company is any indication of his abilities, we’ll be seeing Tesla bots around in no time. Musk anticipates that a version of the Tesla Bot will be available sometime next year—it’ll stand approximately five feet eight inches tall and it’ll be able to carry forty-five pounds worth of things. Intrigued?

Image via tesla.com

A Robot As Nimble As Simone Biles?

There’s a humanoid robot called Atlas that robotics company Boston Dynamics has been working on for over a decade. It’s considered one of the most advanced robots in the world, and we can see why! What began as an impressive robot that was capable of doing human-like moves, such as picking things up, Atlas has since advanced into a bot that can dance and show off some pretty sweet parkour and gymnastics moves. Want an Atlas to impress your friends or to help out with chores at home? Well, you’ll have to wait a long time since Atlas was built more for experimentation and research than mass production. But, who knows? Whoever thought a robot nurse could take your temperature and make you feel better, right?

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