Potty Training Isn’t Just For Babies

December 2, 2021
via Pixabay

Mooove over human babies ’cause there’s another mammal who needs to use the potty! Wondering what kind of mammal we’re talking about? It’s cows! All kidding aside, cows often get a bad reputation for being major methane producers. After all, cow waste does leave a bad taste smell in the air. That smell is actually a gas called methane and when it’s released into the air, it causes the planet to warm. But methane isn’t the only thing that cows produce that’s bad for the planet. Cows’ urine contains nitrogen, and when mixed with cows’ feces, it can result in environmental hazards such as tainted water and acid rain. These are serious environmental problems and while we love cows, we don’t love what their waste can do to the environment!

That’s why researchers from New Zealand decided to conduct an experiment on whether cows can be trained to use a “mooloo” or a bathroom specifically designed for cows. It turns out that cows, like human toddlers, can be trained to use a toilet! Awesome, right? We think so, but why is this such a big deal, you might be wondering? After all, cows are still peeing, right? Sure, but when the urine can be contained and removed properly, there’s less of a chance of it mixing with the feces and causing problems for planet Earth. These researchers haven’t been able to train the cows to poop in the mooloo yet, but we think it’s just a matter of time. What about you?

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