News From Africa: Egypt & Ethiopia

November 6, 2020

Egypt: A sarcophagus is a box-like funeral case made of stone and usually found in Rome or Egypt. So it was quite exciting when archeologists recently found twenty-seven of them in an ancient city in Egypt. The sarcophagi had been buried for 2,500 years, and this discovery could be the largest find in history. The task wasn’t easy—workers had to keep digging carefully in harsh conditions eleven meters (thirty-six feet) deep into the ground. None of the work could begin before a carefully built shaft was put in place!

via Pixabay

Ethiopia: Refuse to wear a mask? Pay a fine! Ethiopians could spend up to two years in jail for refusing to wear a mask in public. Even though the country declared a state of emergency in April, restrictions lifted in September and resulted in people letting their guard down. Other measures that could include a punishment? Having more than two people at a table in a restaurant or not maintaining a safe social distance!