New Space Mission Equals New Spacesuit!

July 1, 2021

Ever Wonder …

… what it would be like to don a spacesuit, blast off to the International Space Station (or to the moon!), and take a spacewalk?

Image via NASA.gov

Astronauts who have gone to outer space count on the best innovations and technologies to ensure that they have the safest, most comfortable, and most effective tools to carry out space missions. That’s why everything that’s created for outer space travel and work is designed with extreme precision and care. Designers also get a lot of feedback from astronauts so they can improve their designs.

New Artemis Spacesuits via NASA
What’s Happening Now:

In anticipation of NASA’s next moonwalk, designers are working to make new and improved spacesuits! These traditionally heavy suits will be lighter and more agile for a lunar mission in which astronauts are able to comfortably walk around the surface of the moon and do things like bend down and pick things up. The designers of these spacesuits have a tough job ahead of them, but they have until 2024 to produce a suit that’s suitable for a mission to the moon.

What would your spacesuit design include?