There’s News About Emojis!

February 26, 2021

Just as languages evolve over time, emojis do too. From simple smiley faces to faces with different skin tones, expressions, and other features, the emoji has evolved into its very own language and form of self expression. While you may not use specific emojis anymore (that smiley face was sooooo 2000!), some may have just discovered that communicating with emojis can be, well, quite fun and useful!

While the Unicode Consortium (a group that manages the look, feel, and definition of emojis and approves releases) announced last April that there would be no new emoji releases in 2021 thanks to setbacks caused by COVID-19. But it looks like even COVID-19 can’t stop emojis from bringing a bit of joy to the world! To the delight of emoji-loving communicators everywhere, new emojis will be released. When? While Android users received over two hundred new emojis just after the new year, iOS or Apple users will get these new emojis on their devices in the next iOS update. Can’t wait for the release of these new emojis because you just LOVE LOVE LOVE emojis? We got you!

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the emojis that you’ll discover in the next iOS update.

Hearts: Hearts are some of the most popular emojis. Whether different colored hearts, doubled up hearts, exclamation hearts, hearts as eyes, or a heart-sealed envelope, hearts are the way to our hearts <insert heart emoji>. That’s why there’ll be more hearts coming your way! Two new hearts will be added to your growing list of hearts—heart on fire and mending heart.

Credit: Emojipedia

Smileys: Whether you’re partial to a simple grinning-face smiley or something more dramatic like rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-face smiley, smileys (like hearts) are some of the most popular emojis. In the latest emoji release, there’ll be three new smileys—exhaling face, face with spiral eyes, and face in clouds.

People Updates: If we were to sum up the updates of people emojis, we’d say that these emojis are trending towards inclusivity. Couple emojis will have more skin tone options to choose from and the bearded person will have more gender options to choose from.

What’s your favorite emoji? There’s a rumor that one of our favorite emojis, face-with-tears-of-joy smiley emoji, is no longer cool among kids. Is that true? Let us know by taking our poll at www.xyzanews.com/news-for-kids!