What’s The Word On Words?

August 21, 2020

You’ve used some of these words for a while now, but it’s new to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. If you’re like us and wonder how words wind up in the dictionary, wonder no longer! Check out this story about how words wind up in dictionaries here. Words are fascinating and—believe it or not—hundreds of new words are added to dictionaries every year. This year, so many new words have become a part of our everyday-lives that the Merriam-Webster dictionary has released mid-year additions! Sadly, many of these new words are a result of the nasty novel coronavirus, but there are also many fun and perhaps zany words that when said, you might just chuckle to yourself. Just try saying “zonkey” five times fast without giggling just a little bit! All kidding aside, here are a few additions and Merriam-Webster’s definitions of each that we just couldn’t help sharing!

1. Truthiness: a seemingly truthful quality not supported by facts or evidence.
Interesting Fact: Truthiness made its debut on The Colbert Report, a satirical show about the news. The word has since become commonly used in everyday conversations.

2. Fan art: fan-created artwork based on popular works of fiction.

3. Slow-walk: to delay or prevent the progress of (something) by acting in a deliberately slow manner.

4. Thirsty: showing a strong desire for attention, approval, or publicity.

5. Zonkey or Zedonk: both refer to a hybrid between a zebra and a donkey
Interesting Fact: Word blends, otherwise called Portmanteau, are a popular evolution of the English language. Other examples include hangry (hungry + angry), spork (spoon + fork), and brunch (breakfast + lunch).

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