He’s A Little Miracle!

December 11, 2020

What’s large, black and white, and fuzzy all over? A giant panda! If you’ve ever seen a giant panda in person before, you’re one of the lucky ones and would most likely agree that they’re some of the cutest creatures on the planet! For over three decades, giant pandas were considered an endangered species. But thanks to China’s breeding programs and its many partners around the world, the giant panda population is doing better, and its status has been upgraded from the endangered species list to the vulnerable species list.

Xiao Qi Ji
Photo Courtesy of Smithsonian’s National Zoo

One of these giant panda breeding partners is the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC. On August 21st, panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a healthy baby cub and people from all around the world have had the chance to watch the mom taking care of her baby via the zoo’s Giant Panda Cam. That’s why it’s no surprise that when the zoo asked for the public’s help in naming the cub, over 135,000 people cast their votes. Which name received the most votes? Xiao Qi Ji, which means “little miracle” in Chinese. At three months old and weighing over nine pounds, Xiao Qi Ji is doing great, and momma Mei Xiang is making sure that her baby is taken care of. But don’t take our word for it! Check out the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Giant Panda Cam here and see for yourself! Now, can we all say awwwww …