Laws That Protect The Environment

April 15, 2021

Change takes time. If it took humankind decades to realize that pollution is bad, it’ll certainly take time to bring around the change needed to solve the problem. While there’s a lot we can still do, here are a few laws that went into effect since you were born that might give you some hope!

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Ban on single-use plastic bags. Single-use plastic is awful for the environment. That’s why almost sixty-nine countries have implemented some type of ban on single-use plastic bags, choosing to replace them with more organic materials. In the United States alone, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon, and Vermont have implemented bans on single-use plastic bags.

Car-free zones. One upside to the pandemic is that there’s less traffic, and cities like San Francisco have implemented more car-free zones so people can exercise. Elsewhere, car-free zones are also on the rise, and cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Tempe, Arizona are coming up with innovative ways to reduce car use in towns and therefore reduce pollution!

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Ban on pesticides. Pesticides that harm bees are a no-no! Bees are dying all around the world, and one big reason is the use of harmful chemicals in pesticides. Some countries in Europe, including France, have instituted a ban on pesticides that harm bees. Buzz on!

Mother Earth has rights too! You have rights as a person, but does the planet have rights too? The country of Bolivia has decided to grant rights to planet Earth. As the titleholder, she can then protect the planet as if she were part of the government and the people. In fact, countries like New Zealand have adapted this idea too, providing rights to a river in much the same way!

Reduce buying and reuse more. It’s more than just a suggestion in Sweden, where residents are provided tax breaks if they choose to repair appliances rather than buy new ones!