Just Call Her General Manager Ng

November 20, 2020
via Pixabay

There’s a new general manager in town and her name is Kim Ng. Yes, we’re emphasizing the fact that she’s female because she’s the first woman—not to mention the first East-Asian American—to ever hold this executive-level position in Major League Baseball (MLB). But make no mistake about it, Ng wasn’t hired because she’s a woman, she was hired because she’s a skilled executive with many, many years of experience. Ng has an impressive baseball resume, which began in 1990 when she interned for the Chicago White Sox. Five years later, she was named assistant director of baseball operations at the club. She moved on to become the assistant general manager for the New York Yankees and then the Los Angeles Dodgers after that. Before being named the Miami Marlins’ general manager, she was MLB’s senior vice president of baseball operations. Impressive? We think so! In an industry dominated by men and with a challenging job ahead of her (the last time the Marlins won a World Series was in 2003), Ng said, “This challenge is one I don’t take lightly. When I got into this business, it seemed unlikely a woman would lead a Major League team, but I am dogged in the pursuit of my goals. My goal is now to bring championship baseball to Miami. I am both humbled and eager to continue building the winning culture our fans expect and deserve.” Congratulations, Kim! Now, let’s play ball!