Kenya Fights Poaching With Team Lioness

November 13, 2020
Photo Courtesy of ©IFAW/Will Swanson

Can you fight poaching, gender stereotyping, and discrimination at the same time? This is just another day for an all-women community ranger unit that works to preserve wildlife at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. No small feat for a park that has about two thousand elephants, for one! Team Lioness’ works to preserve and support animals, and to educate local communities. Plus, the team deals with wildlife trespassing, illegal tree destruction, and wildfires.

Photo Courtesy of ©IFAW/Will Swanson

Why is this team of rangers extra special? Well, because the choice of an all-women unit challenges the traditional idea that society should restrict women’s role to taking care of the home! Plus, the team is backed up by sixty-eight male members of the rangers team, one of the few times that men and women work together in the community to solve problems!