Teens Help The Elderly Get COVID-19 Vaccines

March 26, 2021

Young people are showing the world just what they’re made of! Junior Reporter Josh C. shares how kids might not be old enough to get the COVID-19 vaccine just yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not old enough to help those who can. Check out what some teens are doing to help get the elderly vaccinated.

Not Old Enough To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, But Old Enough To Help

By Josh C.

When the COVID-19 vaccine started rolling out in January, senior citizens were given first dibs since the virus is especially dangerous for them. However, finding a COVID-19 vaccine appointment online has been tough because so many people want them. For elderly people who aren’t comfortable using the internet, it can be even harder. Luckily, there are teens around the country stepping in to help.

via Pixabay

In Chicago, thirteen-year-old Eli Coustan made a website called ilvaccine.org that helps people find appointments and is simple for older people to use. He says he did it to “make a positive change” in the world. And when Ava and Lily Weinstein’s grandmother complained to them that she couldn’t get an appointment after making many phone calls, these high school sisters in New York came to her rescue. They wondered how other senior citizens could do this without help and came up with the idea to create Vaccine Teens, a free hotline service where people who needed appointments can call and get help. They printed flyers and hung them around their grandmother’s apartment building. They admit that the amount of calls can get overwhelming sometimes, but they’re determined to help as many people as possible. In New Jersey, high school student Taylor Addis started a group called Gen2Gen Helpers that not only helps older people get vaccine appointments but even helps transport them to get their shot.

Thanks to these proactive teens and others like them, more and more seniors can feel safe going to the store, seeing their grandkids, and going about their lives knowing they’re protected from the coronavirus.