JR Stories: Asian Hornets

June 26, 2020

Junior Reporter Sophia F. was inspired by Xyza’s article, What Would We Do Without Bees? and decided to do some research on a kind of insect that’s actually harming some bee populations. Check out her report on Asian hornets and why they really are pests!

Junior Reporter Sophia F.

Asian Hornets
By Sophia F.

I’m sure by now you have heard of the Asian hornet. Known as “The Murder Hornet” across the globe, these hornets are decreasing the population of many bees in the world. No one knows how this phenomenon arrived in America, but what we do know for sure is that these hornets can kill. So let’s take a look at what makes them so terrible. Inside their stingers lies a toxic poison sac that can kill even humans. In 2013 in China, they killed forty-two people in only one Chinese territory. Keep in mind that they sting especially when disturbed inside a hive. Chris Looney, an entomologist at the Washington State Department of Agriculture says that “These insects are pretty formidable. I am very worried.” He also worries that people are already “scared enough of insects for dubious reasons,” and that it does seem to have gotten people’s attention. “I just hope the sensational ‘murder hornet’ coverage helps us understand our ecosystems a little better.”

Gilles San Martin from Namur, Belgium / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)

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