JR Call Out: What’s Your Favorite Movie?

July 16, 2021

It’s summertime which means there’s more time to relax and do things like consume your favorite books, read your favorite newspaper (Xyza, of course, *wink*), and watch movies! Here at Xyza, we love popping a bucket of popcorn and watching the latest summer blockbuster, but perhaps what we love even more is discussing and critiquing the movie after! Watching movies this summer? Share your movie reviews with us by emailing editor@xyzanews.com!

Need some inspiration?

Xyza’s Junior Reporters attended the virtual New York International Children’s Film Festival earlier this year and shared reviews of some of the movies they watched. Check out what they had to say about them.

Movie Title: Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers

Junior Reporter: Alisha M.

via Pixabay

Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers was the first NYCIFF film that we watched this year. We chose to watch this movie because me and my only sibling are sisters just like the characters in this movie. Two sisters named Billy, aged five, and Vega, aged nine, go on an overnight outdoor hike in the Norwegian forest with their father. Let me share some of the scenes that I enjoyed in the movie … In one of the scenes, Billy and Vega’s dad says, “Let me show you a magic trick.” He takes a playing card and rips it into four pieces. He then gives them to Billy. She unfolds it and, to the sisters’ surprise, it’s still intact. In another scene, it’s really funny when they bump into a man wearing underpants on his head. His explanation for this is, “I took a shower and they got wet, so I put them on my head to dry.” Billy’s unicorn, Tottori, is really helpful when their dad isn’t able to walk anymore because of his injuries. Vega and their dad don’t believe that Billy has packed her pet unicorn in the backpack. Over the course of the movie, Vega understands Billy better and so does their dad. One thing I really liked about this film was that even though it was hard, the two sisters stayed together and supported each other.

Movie Title: The Legend of Hei & The Fantastic Journey of Margot & Marguerite

Junior Reporter: Santiago L.

The Legend of Hei is an anime film about a nature spirit named Hei, who lives a peaceful life in the forest until the humans come along and start destroying the forest. The thing that really touched me about this film was the friendship between the two main characters.

Movie Title: MoominValley: The Hobgoblin Trilogy

Junior Reporter: Insha M.

MoominValley: The Hobgoblin Trilogy is about a family of Moomins, who are white, soft marshmallow-like creatures. The animation is very clean and smooth and a delight to see in action. Different aspects of each character are exhibited excellently and the storyline is funny, mysterious, fascinating, and eloquently written.