If Not Plastic, Then What?

August 30, 2020

Earth Day may be in April, but people are working to make the planet cleaner and greener every day. Check out these three examples of what people are doing:

1.  Clean energy brings to mind solar and wind power, but these energy sources are often hard to store in excess amounts. So some organizations are exploring hydrogen energy, one of the easiest types of energy to store and transport. The best part? The byproduct is not smoke or smog, but simply water. But this type of power has not gained popularity yet because it takes energy to create hydrogen energy, including using wind and solar tools. Even though hydrogen cars are not exactly popular in a world filled with electric cars, a few companies in Italy are currently testing how hydrogen energy can power pasta production facilities. If deemed a success, this could increase the use of hydrogen energy in other factories as well.

2.  Whether for plastic packaging, serving bowls, or ketchup packets, single-use plastics have added up to a lot of trash. But now, serving dishes are being made of cardboard, ketchup packets are being made from biodegradable seaweed, and stores are testing out different ways to package items, all in an effort to build a more sustainable world.

3.  Burning fossil fuel creates smoke and pollution that can harm the planet, so when Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, declared that they were the first university in the US to get rid of fossil fuels in 2011, they inspired other universities to follow suit. Next up? The extensive University of California network has moved away from fossil fuel to more sustainable forms of energy.