COVID-19 + Technology

October 2, 2020

As the world continues to fight the nasty and microscopic novel coronavirus, we’re continuing to share stories about how this little bugger has changed and reshaped different parts of our lives. While some of these changes may be difficult, others have actually helped push people to think more creatively. That’s exactly what’s happening in the world of technology. From 3D printers to air-purifying face masks, a lot of amazing and life-saving gadgets have popped up to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out some of these gadgets below!

3D Printers To The Rescue

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3D printers are no longer considered new technology, but they have come a long way since inventor Chuck Hull printed his very first object in 1983. (It was a cup for washing your eye, by the way!) Not only can these printers make more sophisticated objects, such as prosthetic limbs, but they’re also cheaper to own than they were three decades ago. That’s why many more people own 3D printers today and use them for everyday projects like making 3D Halloween decorations and other fun crafts. But the 3D printer became much more than a nice tool for crafts recently—it has become an integral part of the COVID-19 fight. How? When manufacturers couldn’t make enough personal protective equipment for hospitals, people turned to their 3D printers to help make things like face shields.

You (M)asked For It!

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The pandemic has taken the simple mask and elevated it to the most sought-after accessory in the world. We can see why—that simple piece of fabric covering your mouth and nose is helping to stop the spread of a deadly virus! But if you think that all masks are the same, you might want to think again. LG, an electronics company, is taking the mask game to another level with their new air purifying masks. Yes, you heard it right: a mask that purifies the air that you breathe while you’re wearing it. It’s called the PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier, and yes, it looks exactly how you might imagine it to look like: the bottom half of a stormtrooper helmet. Aesthetics aside, this mask promises to solve some of the biggest health and hygiene problems facing people today by cleaning all the air people breathe in. Ah, now doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Robots At Your Service

Robot dogs have been busy! Earlier this summer, robot dogs were spotted in a popular park in Singapore. What were they doing there? They were serving as social-distancing officers and reminding people to stay six feet apart. Now, robot dogs are being tested to do something else—measure the vitals of patients who are potentially infected with COVID-19. One of the greatest risks to healthcare workers is exposure to potentially sick patients and getting sick themselves. If doctors and nurses can assess a patient’s health remotely, that risk of exposure decreases significantly. That’s a small, but significant win in the fight against COVID-19! Thank you, robot dogs!

Robots deserve a second mention because they’ve really stepped up to the COVID-19-fighting plate these last few months. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might have stumbled upon small autonomous delivery robots that look like ice chests rolling about making deliveries. You don’t see them often, but they’re around. Well, when Wuhan, China, shut down for nearly three months to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus, these robots were used to deliver groceries and other essential items to residents. These delivery robots allowed people to stay home and get what they needed without leaving the house and potentially exposing themselves and others to the virus. Again, thank you, robots!

Look Mom, No Hands!

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Reminder: hands are a big deal! Since the start of the pandemic, health experts have continuously emphasized the importance of washing hands and keeping hands away from the face to keep the virus from making people sick. Your hands (while incredibly useful) are also one of the likely culprits for getting you sick. After all, your hands touch many things throughout the day. One of these things is a doorknob. But how can you open a door without touching it? Companies around the world have developed hands-free door openers to—you guessed it—prevent the spread of viruses. Whether at home or in a place like a hospital, the idea behind these hands-free door openers is that hands won’t come in contact with something that may be contaminated with a virus. Innovative, right?

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