Historical Moments Of The 2020 US Election

November 6, 2020

While the result of the presidential election wasn’t immediately determined, there were a number of historical moments that made this election one to remember.

via Pixabay

First, under the shadow of an ongoing pandemic and with the threat of intimidatingly long voter lines, a record of approximately one hundred million people cast their votes before Election Day. Second, this was a milestone election for the LGBTQ community with candidates winning seats at both the local and federal levels of government. Native Americans also saw representation grow in the House with Republican Yvette Herrell, who is Cherokee, winning a seat to represent New Mexico’s second congressional district. Herrell’s win makes New Mexico the first state to elect all women of color to the House of Representatives. And finally, the state of Missouri elected its first Black woman to represent the state in Congress. Cori Bush was a nurse and pastor, and then an activist and leader of the Black Lives Matter movement. In her acceptance speech she said, “Tonight, we the people are victorious. We, we the people are going to Congress. Because we the people have committed to a vision of America that works for all of us. An America that treats every person with respect. That recognizes healthcare as a human right. That believes every person deserves food to eat, a home to live in, and a dignified life.” Inspiring? We think so!