Happy 84th Birthday!

May 27, 2021

84 Years Old and Still Going Strong

May 27th is the birthday of one of the most visited bridges in the world. Which bridge are we talking about?

The Golden Gate Bridge!

To celebrate, we’re sharing five fun facts about the bridge:

Fact #1

It may look red, but that color is actually called “international orange.”

Fact #2

On May 27, 1937, the day the bridge opened, only pedestrians were allowed to cross it, but don’t worry, cars were allowed to drive on it the following day.  

Fact #3

A lot of people did not want the bridge. In fact, 2,300 lawsuits were filed to stop the construction of the bridge. Some companies worried that the bridge would cause them to lose business, while others thought the bridge would block the natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay.

Fact #4

There was an earthquake while the bridge was being constructed. A crew was caught on top of one of the towers that was swaying back and forth from the quake!

Fact #5

The bridge has only been closed three times due to bad weather—all of the other times have been for anniversary celebrations, construction work, and important visitors.

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