Georgia: The Peach State Or The Blue State?

January 8, 2021

Is it just us, or has this been one of the loooongest election seasons ever? From the campaigning to the general election to the Georgia Senate runoff election, it’s been an election season for the record books! But the results, it seems, have finally been confirmed. The next President of the United States will be Joe Biden and the next Vice President of the United States will be Kamala Harris. Great! And Georgia—the state that was closely looked at and looked at and looked at again—ultimately turned blue. What do we mean by that? With the exception of former President Bill Clinton, Georgia has mostly voted for Republican candidates since the 1970s. The 2020 US election changed that.

Not only did the people of Georgia vote for a Democratic president, but they also voted for two Democratic senators, Raphael Warnock who will be the first Black senator from Georgia, and Jon Ossoff who will be the first Jewish senator from Georgia. What’s the big deal, you might be wondering? It’s a huge deal! The outcome of this runoff election determined which party—the Republicans or the Democrats—would control the US Senate. With this win, the Democrats are now in control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which means that the Democrats have control over both the legislative and executive branches of the US government. When was the last time that this occurred? Oh, over a decade ago.