A Car Takes Flight!

September 24, 2020
©SkyDrive/CARTIVATOR 2020

Did you see that? No, it wasn’t a bird, but a flying car! Think we’re joking? Well, we’re not! Several companies have been working on models of the electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicle, otherwise known as a flying car, but few have gotten as far as taking one out for a spin. That’s why it was big news when Japan-based eVTOL company SkyDrive took one of its smallest eVTOLs out for a drive. How big is this small flying car? It only measures about two meters high by four meters wide and four meters long, and if parked on the street, it would take just two car-lengths worth of space. As spectators looked on, a pilot flew the single-seat SD-03 eVTOL around the Toyota Test Field for approximately four minutes. While SkyDrive plans to make additional improvements to the SD-03, it’s hoping that this new kind of personal transportation vehicle will receive approval to fly outside of the Toyota Test Field before the end of the year. But before you decide to add a flying car to your holiday wish list, you should know that SkyDrive is hoping (crossing fingers) that the SD-03 will be ready for sale by 2023—that’s about three years from now. It might just be a while before you see these flying cars take flight.

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