National Library Week!

April 2, 2021
via Pixabay

April 4th through April 10th is National Library Week in the United States, but here at Xyza, we think libraries should be celebrated all year long! Why? Check out these five interesting facts about one of the world’s greatest free resources.

1. According to the American Library Association, there are over 7,600 public library branches in the United States.

2. US libraries serve over a billion patrons every year and almost all public libraries offer free Wi-Fi.

Library Of Congress via @Pixabay

3. With over 170 million items, the Library of Congress located in Washington, DC is the world’s largest library. Wondering if they have an item? The answer is most likely yes!

4. Steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie is one of the greatest supporters of libraries. His donations helped open over 2,500 libraries between 1886 and 1919!

5. Benjamin Franklin started his own library, called the Library Company, in 1731, but it wasn’t free. Those who wanted to borrow books had to pay a subscription fee.