Life On Venus?

September 25, 2020

If any planet gets a lot of attention from people on Earth, it’s probably Mars. And for good reason. Mars expeditions, explorations, and studies have inspired scientists and even movie makers to get excited about Mars. But while all attention lays on Mars, a little discovery on an entirely different planet has caught the space community’s attention.

Image credit: NASA/JPL

Some astronomers have used powerful telescopes to find evidence of phosphine on the planet Venus. Chemicals on a planet is a big deal, right? Well, the scientists claim that if phosphine is indeed present on Venus, the only source could be … wait for it … from some form of life. But before we all get excited, we should know that one discovery is not enough to prove there is life on Venus. Firstly, is it possible that nonlife forms created phosphine? And secondly, how can we get better proof that goes beyond telescopic observations? Could we get photos? Or better still, samples?

While the follow up to the study could take years, this scientific evidence has done one thing—shifted the curiosity of space enthusiasts towards Venus.

Here are some facts about Venus, one of the most beautiful planets in the solar system:

Model of Akatsuki Spacecraft
By NASA – https://science.nasa.gov/toolkits/spacecraft-icons (image link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=76152548

1. Did you know that Venus is called Earth’s twin? It’s the same mass and gravity as Earth!

2. The surface temperatures on Venus can average 870℉.

3. The pressure on the surface of Venus is equivalent to being three thousand feet underwater in the ocean.

4. There is precisely one probe currently studying Venus, while friendly neighbor Mars has many more!

5. Clouds of acid surround Venus, and it’s hot enough to melt metals!

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