E-Bikes Electrify The World

July 31, 2020
EBike Generation / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

Electric cars have been a hot topic for a few years, but did you know that electric bicycles, otherwise known as e-bikes, are also growing in popularity across the globe? Why? There are many reasons, but two seem to stand out: they’re easy to use and they’re better for the environment. Most e-bikes allow users to either pedal on their own or pedal with the help of an electric motor. (Ever pedal up a hill and secretly—or not so secretly!—wish that someone or something would push you up the hill instead? A battery-powered electric bike sure would come in handy, right?) E-bikes are also electric-powered which means less pollution than other modes of transportation such as gas-guzzling motorcycles and cars. It’s no wonder that e-bikes are one of the hottest trends of 2020. As more people stay home and prefer short bike rides to local stores over long-distance car rides, e-bikes have grown in popularity. Despite their growing popularity, however, not all states recognize e-bikes as legal forms of transportation. While states like California allow the use of e-bikes that can go up to twenty miles per hour, New York only recently passed a law allowing e-bikes to even be on the roads. And states like Arkansas and Kentucky? They have yet to agree on a legal definition of what e-bikes actually are—should they be categorized as motorcycles or bicycles? Whether you live in a state that allows you to ride e-bikes on the road or not, it seems like e-bikes are here to stay.