Dogs Can Sniff Out COVID!

June 4, 2021
Medical Detection Dog Asher
Photo Courtesy of Medical Detection Dogs | Bexarts

Last year, we shared a story about Medical Detection Dogs, a British organization that started working with special sniffer dogs (dogs who can detect distinct odors from drugs and illnesses) to see if they could also be trained to sniff out COVID-19. Turns out that these dogs can detect COVID-19 and at a faster pace than a rapid polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which takes as little as thirty minutes to produce the result. According to Medical Detection Dogs, six of their Bio Detection Dogs were able to identify positive and negative COVID-19 patients with over 90 percent accuracy. Amazing, right? If you’re skeptical about these findings, other studies have produced similar results. In France, the National Veterinary School conducted a study in which specifically trained sniffer dogs were also able to identify the odors of those with and without COVID-19 with similar accuracy. A number of countries have started to train dogs to sniff out COVID-19 as a way of controlling the spread of the virus in hopes that these dogs will be able to detect COVID-19 at airports, train stations, and other points of travel. Like we keep saying … dogs—what can’t they do?