The Rays Couldn’t Dodge This Sting

October 30, 2020
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It was another exciting World Series, but unlike years past, it was anything but normal. With COVID-19 still lingering around, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays played to a fan-less ballpark in Arlington, Texas. Still, it was a nail-biting six-game series with the Dodgers ultimately beating the Rays 4-2. Los Angeles fans couldn’t have been happier—finally a World Series win after a thirty-two year dry spell. Congratulations, Dodgers! To celebrate, we’re sharing some fun facts about the ball club.

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1.  When the Dodgers were founded back in 1883, they were called the Atlantics and were based out of Brooklyn, New York.
2.  With this World Series win, the Dodgers have won a total of seven World Series championships, making them the sixth winningest ball club of all time.
3.  While the Dodgers started off in the American League, they switched over to the National League in 1890 and clinched their first National League pennant that same year.

Jackie Robinson
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4.  The Dodgers debuted Jackie Robinson in 1947. Robinson was the first African American to ever play in the Major Leagues.
5.  For the second time in history, the city of Los Angeles can doubly celebrate with both the Lakers and the Dodgers winning their championship games. When was the last time this happened? In 1988!