Conversation Series: Are Drone Deliveries A Good Or Bad Thing?

October 30, 2020
via Pixabay

Here a drone, there a drone, everywhere a drone, drone! We’re kidding, of course, but the idea of drones flying overhead to deliver packages around the world isn’t that far-fetched. In fact, as early as 2016, some companies like Domino’s Pizza already began testing out drone deliveries. Food dropping from the sky? We’re all for it! But why is it that drone deliveries are still in the testing phase and not in the actual operating phase? Well, objects flying in the sky take a lot of work to perfect. Can you imagine walking down the street and a drone flies past you and drops a burrito on your head? Sure, it might be hilarious to think about, but it’s not something a company—not to mention the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)—would want to have happen. That’s why in addition to going through the usual process for releasing a new product to customers (researching, prototyping, building, and testing), companies must also get their product FAA approved. It’s a big step since the FAA has strict standards and rules in place to ensure the safety of those operating the drone as well as those around the drone itself. Furthermore, since drones are a new category in aviation, the process for what is and isn’t approved can take a long time. Well, it looks like Amazon is one step closer to making drone deliveries a reality, because the giant online store recently received approval from the FAA. Those who want their items now! now! now! will be happy to know that Amazon’s one step closer to getting people their packages in thirty minutes or less. Now, be patient!

Interesting fact: Recently, Walmart started a pilot drone delivery program where people living within a mile of its North Las Vegas store could request a drone-delivered COVID-19 test kit. These kits would be dropped off on the sidewalk in front of the requester’s house, their driveway, or in their backyard, and all within five minutes. While these deliveries are only happening in a very small area, Walmart is hoping to expand the program and sees drone deliveries as the future of delivering goods to people around the world.

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