Conversation Series: Are Animated Photos Cool Or Creepy?

April 15, 2021

Have you ever seen the Harry Potter movies? If you have, you might remember that the paintings hung on the walls of Hogwarts are of wizards-past, and they talk and move. Some of these paintings even act as gatekeepers to the house dormitories where students must say the correct password before they can enter. Movie magic? Absolutely. But if we told you that there’s a company that can take an old picture of your great great grandma and make it almost life-like, would you believe us? Well, it’s true!

via Pixabay

MyHeritage, a company that uses DNA to help trace a person’s ancestry, has a program called Deep Nostalgia that can turn your old photographs into animated images of loved ones using deep learning (when a machine is trained through a large amount of data to recognize things like human eyes and how they should move). While some people find animated images of their loved ones fun and exciting, others find them disturbing and even a little, well, creepy. After all, seeing a person come back to life in a picture might bring back fond memories for some and scare the bejesus out of others.

What do you think: Are animated photos cool or creepy?