Candy Here, Candy There, Candy Everywhere!

October 2, 2020
The original uploader was Brandon Dilbeck at English Wikipedia. / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

What’s so enticing about a scavenger hunt? Is it the satisfaction of solving a clue? Is it the excitement of getting a prize at the end of the hunt? Or is it the adrenaline of racing from one clue to the next? Perhaps, it’s all of those things and more! Well, the idea of a scavenger hunt isn’t a new one and all sorts of companies have used the elements of a scavenger hunt (clues that lead to prizes) to promote their products. Recently, candy maker David Klein (one of the founders of the Jelly Belly), announced that he would be hosting a scavenger hunt. The hunt would take place in each of the fifty United States. The catch? You have to pay to play. That’s right—in order to enter the contest, you must pay $49.99. Each state will be limited to one thousand participants and the person who finds the golden ticket, or in this case, a golden dog tag will win $5,000. The ultimate prize, however, is one of Klein’s candy factories. Yep, a whole factory to make your very own candy and—if you want—Klein’s candy-making expertise! There are a lot of details that haven’t been hammered out yet (there’s a whole Facebook page with lots and lots of comments—both good and bad—about this contest!), but Klein insists that this isn’t a hoax and that he’s been wanting to do this for a long time. Sounds a bit Willy Wonka-esque to us. How about you?

If you could make your own candy bar, what would it consist of?