Beam Me Up, Bezos!

October 22, 2021

Space is something that few of us have experienced but recently, two billionaire entrepreneurs made it possible for people—other than astronauts—to encounter its magic. In July, billionaires Jeff Bezos (the man who started Amazon.com) and Richard Branson (the man who owns the Virgin Group) each separately blasted off into space on their respective space rockets. Two months later, billionaire Elon Musk (the man behind Tesla and SpaceX) took a four-person all-civilian crew to space. It’s been an amazing year for space travel with each billionaire entrepreneur trying to outdo the other.

But perhaps one of the most memorable trips to space might be the one that actor William Shatner, most known for his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek, took on Bezos’ Blue Origin space rocket. Shatner blasted sixty-six miles up into space for a ten-minute-and-seventeen-second mission. When he landed back on Earth, he said, “Everybody in the world needs to do this.” Although Shatner isn’t the first civilian to travel to space, at ninety, he’s the oldest person to go “where no man has gone before.” Wondering who’s next? We are too!

Image Credit: Blue Origin