A Moonikin Sets Off For The Moon

July 16, 2021
Commander Moonikin Campos
Image Credit: NASA

If you were in charge of sending astronauts to the moon, what would you do to make sure that their mission went off without a hitch? If you’re a part of the NASA team, one of the first things you’d think about is safety. That’s why NASA engineers are working hard to ensure that the Artemis mission (the next mission to send humans back to the moon) is a safe and spectacular one by sending a manikin first. But this manikin isn’t just one that you’d see at the local department store, oh no—it’s one that’s equipped with radiation sensors and a survival system spacesuit. Why all this equipment on a manikin, you might be wondering? One of its jobs is to emulate a mission that humans will be taking to the moon very soon. This moon-bound manikin, or Moonikin as NASA calls it, will provide helpful information on what humans would experience while on a mission to the moon.