A Mask That Can Detect COVID?

July 9, 2021


It’s been over a year since the novel coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, China. While it has long overstayed its “welcome,” scientists now know more about the virus and how it’s transmitted. By doing simple things such as staying at least six feet away from each other, washing hands, and wearing a mask, people can prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Who knew that the simple and unassuming mask could do so much in saving lives, right? While wearing a mask wasn’t always the most popular or advised thing to do early on in the pandemic, it proved to be a lifesaving accessory.

What’s Happening Now With Masks?

via Pixabay
Now, the mask is having its time in the spotlight. One company has created a mask that purifies the air that you breathe in. Researchers at Harvard and MIT are in the process of making a mask that promises a COVID-19 diagnosis can occur within ninety minutes of wearing it. These researchers are working to make this mask even more effective and faster than a diagnosis that takes place in a lab. What’s even more exciting about this wearable tech is that the technology behind these masks can be used in other pieces of clothing and accessories, detecting things from airborne viruses to other toxins and bacteria. In other words, the microscopic sky’s the limit!