A Contest Fit For A Queen

July 9, 2021

Why Should You Care?

It’s a contest to design an emblem for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. If you win, you’ll be a part of the monarch’s history! Wouldn’t that be super cool?


Queen Elizabeth II
Photograph taken by Julian Calder for Governor-General of New Zealand, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

If you live in the United Kingdom (UK), you’re probably well aware of the fact that Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her seventy-fifth anniversary or Platinum Jubilee of her reign as the queen of England. Although the celebration isn’t happening until 2022, stores are probably selling memorabilia for the big event already. And why not? The Platinum Jubilee is an incredibly special milestone for the queen (she’s the longest reigning queen in history!) and for this reason, the V&A Museum has launched an emblem-designing competition on behalf of the queen. Budding artists between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five are encouraged to enter. The winning emblem will be showcased throughout the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Oh, and did we mention that the winner will also receive an invitation to the “Platinum Party at the Palace”? If you’re interested in entering this contest, there are a few rules that you might want to check out before you get started on your design. Two of these rules? You must live in the UK and the design can’t include an image of the queen! Entries are due by July 16th, 2021, so get going!

5 Interesting Facts About Queen Elizabeth:

1. She’s the only person in the United Kingdom who can drive without a license.

2. Queen Elizabeth had a rose variety grown for her. The name of this rose? The “Queen Elizabeth” rose, of course!

3. One of her nicknames is “Lilibet” and now she has a great-granddaughter with the same name.

4. Queen Elizabeth celebrates two birthdays, the day she was born, and another birthday in June. This tradition started with King George II, who was born in November. It was too cold to celebrate during that time of year, so he opted to celebrate in June.

5. Her Majesty doesn’t need to carry a British passport when traveling overseas because, well, British passports are issued in her name!