Keeping It Real

January 26, 2018

You can’t believe everything you see. Now before you start scratching your head, let’s clarify. Take photos in advertisements, for example. You know, the ones you see in magazines, on billboards, and on the sides of buses. Why can’t you always believe them? Well for one, the models might have been photoshopped. What’s that? It’s when people use computers to digitally alter photos in order to make them seem better looking. That way, people will look at the ads and might think, “Wait, I want that too!”

via @CVS

Perhaps dark spots on someone’s cheek are removed or eyes are made bigger and brighter. What about that photo of the boy in your local store with the perfect hair and smile who’s holding toothpaste? Maybe he’s been photoshopped too. But CVS, a nationwide pharmacy chain, has decided to do something unusual. The company plans to put an end to its photoshopped ads and will put a “CVS Beauty Mark” on photos that have not been changed. Why does CVS want to do this when other companies don’t? According to Executive Vice President Helena Foulkes, CVS wanted to be more transparent (or open and honest) and crush unrealistic standards regarding how people look.
What do you think of decision CVS’s decision?