Just Call It Dunkin’

January 2, 2019

Ever heard of the donut shop “Dunkin’ Donuts”? If you have, we’re not surprised. After all, it’s been around since 1950, and there are approximately 11,000 stores across the US. Yeah, that’s a lot of donut-making! But Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t just known for its donuts. If you survey your parents or other adults, they might say that their coffee is just as good, or perhaps even better, than their donuts! Shocking, right? Not to Dunkin’ Donuts—they know that they have some pretty fabulous drinks. Now they want customers to be reminded of that too. How? They’re dropping the “Donuts” part of their name! Will changing their name to just “Dunkin’” really serve as a reminder and help capture those customers looking for drinks and not donuts? Perhaps.

How else do you think Dunkin’ might benefit from changing its name? Why would you change the name of a store or brand?