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It’s an exciting election year for the United States. Many Democratic presidential candidates still remain in the race and they range in age from thirty-seven-year-old Mayor Pete Buttigieg to seventy-nine-year-old Senator Bernie Sanders. We want to know: Does age matter when it comes to leading a country? Why?

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We have two exciting opportunities for Junior Reporters this month. Click below to sign up for a press pass to the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival (must be a Bay Area resident) or to e-interview San Francisco Chronicle news reporter Heather Knight.

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What’s Happening Near You?

In San Francisco, residents can recycle a number of things such as plastic bottles, milk cartons, cardboard, some plastic bags, and even fabric! Recycling is great, but every city has different restrictions on what can and cannot be recycled. What are some of the things that you can and cannot recycle in your city?

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Worth Debating

At the end of every year, Merriam-Webster Dictionary announces its Word of the Year. Last year, the Word of the Year was they. What do you think the Word of the Year will be in 2020?

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