Junior Reporter: The Story of Capri Everitt

March 9, 2018

Junior Reporter Siona M. visited the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival. She watched a movie about Capri Everitt, titled “Anthems: A Journey Around the World” and wrote a report on it. Thank you for the report, Siona! What a fabulous story to write about!

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It was 2016. Capri Everitt was reading the book The World Needs Your Kid: Raising Children Who Care and Contribute by Craig Kielburger. Capri decided she wanted to do something to help the world. She enjoys singing, so she thought, “What is the one song that everyone in the country knows?” The National Anthem! Around the World in 80 Anthems, a fundraising journey and documentary movie, was born.

Capri’s family started planning a trip to eighty countries around the world. Capri wanted to sing the national anthem in the national language with the kids of each country. This all would be a fundraiser for SOS Children Villages, an organization that helps orphaned and abandoned children find homes.

As the Everitts were traveling the world, Capri and her brother Bowen had to keep up with school. Often, while traveling or on car rides, they would work in school books. For English, Bowen kept a blog of the trip, and Capri interviewed and wrote an essay about the girls from each country they went to.

During the trip, Capri and her family experienced very tough things about children around the world, but they also had fun and happy times. For instance, the SOS village in India had very limited water flow. There were only certain times when you would get hot water, and the water wasn’t always clean. An example of a happy experience Capri had was doing a Ted Talk at the biggest TedX Gateway in India. She also got to be a guest on the Sarah Sechan Show in Indonesia.

Plus, Capri won a Guinness World Record!! The story of this is very interesting: Her family arrived at the Guinness headquarters only to find out that it had been moved. They rushed over to the new location, but the front desk wouldn’t let them in without an appointment. So the family said, “Pick a country.” And then Capri sung the anthem of that country. After a couple of countries, Guinness got interested. Finally, Capri won the world record for most national anthems sung in their home countries, with a record of seventy-six.

I think that Capri’s story is very inspiring—so many people said she wouldn’t be able to do it, yet on August 15th, 2016, she landed back in Canada after nine months having achieved her goal. I hope that she inspires kids and people in general to pitch in and help the world.