Junior Reporter: “The Hate U Give” Book Review

June 1, 2018

This spring, we challenged Junior Reporters to review books, share their thoughts on the use of technology, and report on their spring break shenanigans, and boy did they take on the challenge!

Middle-schooler Galicia L. of Millennium School in San Francisco decided to share her review of the award-winning book, The Hate U Give. Thanks for sharing, Galicia! Your review made us want to read it right away!

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The Hate U Give Book Review

By Galicia L.

This book is about a high schooler named Starr Carter, who is a strong black woman that likes to stand up for her opinions. She is growing up in a place called Garden Heights, which is overrun with gangs and shootings. When she was younger, her friend Natasha was shot. She went to a party where there was a lot of drinking and a gunshot was heard. Khalil, a close friend of Starr’s, pulled her out of the party and the two of them ran to his car. While they were driving away, a police officer stopped them and told them to get out of the car. Khalil pulled out a hairbrush to brush his hair, and the officer thought it was a gun and shot him. Throughout the book, Starr meets new people like DeVante (an old gang member that was getting chased down by the gang leader), finds out that Khalil was dealing drugs, and more. I was a little doubtful about the book because of the way it started, but as I found myself getting deeper into the book, I was crying for Khalil and I had empathy for Starr. I was so surprised at how much emotion this book caused me to have. I think this book needed to be written at this time because of all the gun control marches and shootings that have been happening. I think that writing this book in the perspective of a teenager that lives in a very dangerous place that has gangs all over the place really made it even better.

My favorite part was when Starr began to stand up for Khalil and his rights. When she began to do rallies and when she spoke about him on television. Even when she began to chant “A hairbrush is not a gun.” One of my favorite characters was DeVante because he was very funny and I loved how he came from being part of a gang to becoming a better person. I think that if I could change anything about the book, it would be less cussing so people who are younger could read The Hate U Give. I think that this is a book that everyone needs to read. It teaches many important lessons. The book also has many great quotes. For example, here is a quote from Starr: “What’s the point of having a voice if you are going to be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be?” A good lesson would be that you need to stand up for what you believe for because it is important to have strong opinions. I hope that more people stand up to gang violence and racism because of this book. I will remember this book forever. I would recommend this book for age thirteen. I think that this book is amazing, but it might be a bit hard for people to read something where somebody gets shot. I think that it depends on the maturity of the person.

This book is amazing and meaningful, and I think that people should read it before they grow up. I think that this could impact the world or people’s opinions because it talks about gun control, and that is very relative to this era.