JR: Global Climate Strike

September 28, 2019
Junior Reporter Galicia L. participating in the Global Climate Strike
Photo Credit: Galicia L.

Today I participated in the climate march because the world is dying. I always knew that the world wasn’t the same as it used to be, but then I watched the movie Chasing Coral (I recommend it), and it made me realize how bad the crisis is. Corals are bleaching and dying; they go from bright purples, yellows, and neon colors to brown dead skeletons of corals. This makes me so sad because when my parents were younger, they didn’t have to deal with all of this stuff. When my mom was a kid, she lived in Puerto Rico and she saw some beautiful corals; now I go there and all the corals I have seen are dead. The ocean is warming, which makes the corals bleach and die. It is also rising and swallowing land where people used to live, and the earth is getting warmer and warmer and one day will overheat. I think that the reason I went to the protest is because my parents got to live in such a beautiful place, and if we don’t fix the situation, the climate will get worse and worse. Our children and their children will likely not get to live in such a beautiful world, and our world will most likely die. If we don’t act now, then nothing will ever change. So I organized my friends from school to go march and support the cause. There is no point in school if there is no earth we can inhabit. The march was very inspiring and made me realize how many kids are trying to fix the earth too. I hope that this cause will make a change in history and people will continue to improve the earth as best as we can.

— Galicia L.