Junior Reporter: Roblox Trip

May 4, 2018

This month, Xyza Junior Reporters got to visit Roblox HQ, a popular multiplayer online gaming company. Junior Reporters were well-prepared with questions and Fletcher wrote a report after the trip. Great job, Fletcher! We love your enthusiasm!

Roblox Trip

By Fletcher B.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Roblox headquarters (dab!). It was an amazing place. The building wasn’t very colorful, but it was very lively. Everybody seemed to be enjoying their job while working hard. I was expecting to talk to coders, but I got to talk to three of the developers instead (even better). One of the developers I met co-created MeepCity, and one created Don’t Blink and The Hunger Games in Roblox. The most surprising thing I learned was that two of the creators discovered Roblox by clicking on a YouTube ad.

During the interview, I asked which game the developers thought wouldn’t turn out well but did. The answer was Don’t Blink, which I’ve played and is actually pretty fun! I also learned that developers often abandon games that aren’t working before they’re even finished. I wonder why they don’t finish their games. Even if they don’t think they’re good, there is always someone out there who will like them.

My favorite part was testing out the new games they’re making, including VentureLand, and one that I can’t tell you about because it’s a secret (dab!). I love them all!

Visiting Roblox was an amazing experience. I hope I can go back soon!