Junior Reporter: Opening Ceremony

February 17, 2018

Junior Reporter Katie M. is one smart observer when it comes to reporting! She noticed some rather interesting things at the Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony. How many of these did you notice? Nice job, Katie. Being observant is definitely an important part of being a reporter!

Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony Report by Katie M.
By HashtagVOA – for Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

The 2018 Winter Olympics started on Thursday, February 8th. But the Opening Ceremony happened on Friday, February 9th. These are some of my favorite moments and facts about the ceremony:

1. The Korean dancers danced a beautiful, traditional, and very important dance, wearing beautiful costumes. The dancers formed a star and the Korean flag! [See photo #1]

2. Did you know that 500 events will take place during the Olympics this year?

3. Greece marched in first! Did you know that Greece always marches in first (unless they are hosting)?

4. Did you know that the hosting country always marches in last?

5. Did you know that 92 countries are participating this year? 

6. The United States marched in looking good! Did you know that Team USA has 240 athletes this year? [See photo #2]

7. Did you know that the Puerto Rican team competes separately from Team USA?

8. Did you know that team Armenia only has 3 athletes this year?

9. Did you know that team Azerbaijan only has 1 athlete this year?

10. And did you know that they used drones to make light pictures in the sky?

By The White House from Washington, DC (Vice President Pence’s Trip to Asia) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons