Junior Reporter: My Trip To Roblox HQ

May 11, 2018

This month, Xyza Junior Reporters got to visit Roblox HQ, a popular multiplayer online gaming company. Junior Reporters were well-prepared with questions and Andrew B. wrote a report after the trip. Great job, Andrew!


By Andrew B.

Roblox is a platform for playing video games, and it also lets players create their own games. I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit Roblox Headquarters, which is located in San Mateo, California.

As part of the tour, we visited the Marketing Department and the Testing Department, where they fix bugs in the software. We saw where they produce the streams for live content, which you can find on YouTube (see link below). Then we got to meet three of the many game designers who work at Roblox.

One of the designers told us he was hired when he was eighteen years old; he has now been at Roblox for ten years. I asked the designers what their favorite part of being a game designer was, and one replied, “Seeing people react to what I work on.” Then I asked about the most popular game they ever worked on. They all had different answers. One said SkyBlock 2, another said Catching Fire, and the other one said MeepCity. On the day we visited, at one particular time, 1,100,000 players were playing Roblox.

The designers also showed us new products they are developing. There is a Beta version for one of the games they showed us, but I’m not allowed to share information about that with you here. It will be on Roblox soon. If you haven’t already played Roblox, take a look and give it a try. I recommend Super Hero Tycoon.

It was very interesting to see “Behind the BLOX” and realize how large the team of people is that works together to make the platform happen.