Junior Reporter: My Favorite Short At BAICFF

March 28, 2019

We’re continuing to share our Junior Reporters’ experiences from the Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival. This week, we’re sharing Avi M.’s favorite short from the festival. Why was it his favorite and what did he find out about the filmmakers behind the film? Check out his report below!


By Avi M. 

The Bay Area International Film Festival took place on February 16th and 17th at the Chabot Space and Science Center. It was a really great experience, and I’m glad I went. We started off by checking in with Joann, the co-founder of Xyza. Then I got to interview Ellen Osborn from Reboot, Flavio Moraes from All Heart, and Ksenia Firsova from Importance of Being. Then I went to the Megadome to watch some shorts. Some of them were: Danielle’s Boat, Donut Thieves From Vargon V, and Dragons Of Maritten.

Danielle’s Boat is about a girl named Danielle who builds a boat. She gets bullied a lot, so when she is making the boat, a group of bullies comes up to her and starts teasing her. She calls her parents to come look at her boat. The bullies were really mad that she called her parents, so at night, one bully comes to her house and breaks her boat. Danielle is devastated. Later the next day, Danielle hears a little girl crying for help. She runs to the creek and finds that the girl is about to drown. She lifts the girl out of the water. Just then, a boy comes running. It’s the bully! The girl was his sister! He thanks her for saving his sister and walks away. He never bullied her again.

Junior Reporter Avi M. with the filmmakers of “Mushroom and the Forest of the World “.
Photo Credit: Avi M.

My favorite short was probably Mushroom and the Forest of the World. It was about a forest sprite named Mushroom. I got to interview the filmmakers Madeleine Flores and J. Smith.

Me: What’s your favorite part about filmmaking?
Madeleine Flores: Well, since we work in animation, I love drawing. That’s my favorite part.
J. Smith: I like jokes. I like trying to make people laugh. Especially when it works.

Me: How long have you been in the filmmaking industry?
Madeleine Flores: I started making stop motion when I was about eight or so, but professionally at around twenty-five.

Me: How did you come up with the idea for Mushroom?
Madeleine Flores: Mushroom was based on my childhood in Germany, and I’m not too great of a writer, and he grew up in Georgia, and played around in the woods a lot too.
J. Smith: Yeah, so I grew up playing in the woods, so I was always outside with my little brother, so when you brought Mushroom to me, I was really excited to write it.

Me: You said you worked on Adventure Time. What was one of your favorite characters in that?
Madeleine Flores: I worked on Abracadaniel. He was really silly so it was fun to draw him, because he’s just so noodley.

Me: So, you started off at Nickelodeon. What did you do there?
Madeleine Flores: I started off as a storyboard revisionist for a show called Harvey Beaks.

After my interview with Madeleine Flores and J. Smith, we started packing up and preparing to wrap up the day. I had a really great time.