Junior Reporter: Michelle Obama Book Tour

February 1, 2019

Junior Reporter Gabriela G. had the opportunity to attend former First Lady Michelle Obama’s book tour event at the SAP Center in San Jose, California. Check out what Gabriela had to say about the event and what she learned about the former First Lady!

Michelle Obama Book Tour

By Gabriela G. 

Michelle Obama just finished writing her book, Becoming. It has incredible details of her journey from childhood to her time as the First Lady. It is a pretty great autobiography! Michelle Obama says, “The worst question you could ever ask a kid is what they want to be when they grow up. You can never be just one thing.” I got the opportunity to go see her speak about this book, and this is what happened.

Photo courtesy of Xyza Junior Reporter Gabriella G.

When I got to the SAP Center, it was alive with excitement and loud noise. There were so many people talking, it just sounded like a constant hum. People were taking selfies, whooping and cheering, and dancing to the loud music that was playing too.

The songs were either sung by people of color or written with powerful lyrics by women. Some of the songs were Confident by Demi Lovato, Burn by Ellie Goulding, and Unstoppable by Sia. I feel like these songs really set the tone for the rest of the night. Try listening to some of these songs. I could see why Michelle Obama picked them for the show!

Photo courtesy of Xyza Junior Reporter Gabriella G.

Michele Norris interviewed Michelle Obama on a small stage at the end of the stadium and asked her a lot of cool questions. Michelle’s dad had died before she was married, and she talked about him a little. “My father taught me to respect people equally, no matter their level in life.”

When asked what advice she would give her younger self, Michelle said, “I would tell myself, don’t let fear be your guide. Because fear will leave you behind. You have to push out of your comfort zone, push over that wave of fear. Embrace fear. I did, and look where it got me!”

Michelle says in her book it was hard to be the First Lady at the beginning. She wanted to make a difference in the world, but all of a sudden she was hosting parties for queens, and people were asking her which famous designer made her dress.

Photo courtesy of Xyza Junior Reporter Gabriella G.

Michelle began to work harder. She fought hard to make things affordable and accessible for everyone. She encouraged children to exercise their bodies and eat healthy food. Did you know Michelle Obama can do more than fifty push-ups in a row? She and Ellen DeGeneres had a competition to prove it. How many can you do?

Michelle ended with an inspiring piece of advice: “Be absolutely who you are in every moment. Don’t be ashamed of your story.”

I really liked seeing Michelle Obama speak, and I’m becoming a rebel. Who are you becoming?