Junior Reporter: Interview of Ethan Castillo

April 13, 2018

Xyza Junior Reporter Clarissa R. had the opportunity to attend Silicon Valley Comic Con and interview one of her favorite young artists, Ethan Castillo. Check out her interview below!

Interview of Ethan Castillo
By Clarissa R.

Ethan Castillo is a thirteen-year-old artist. He has been going to comic conventions since he was eight and got a table at Big WOW! ComicFest in San Jose, California. His favorite superhero to draw is Spider-Man. I was able to interview him at Silicon Valley Comic Con.

Clarissa: What first inspired you to draw?
Ethan: I’ve always loved art, and my dad would read comic books to me, and the art was always very interesting and captivating. One day after I asked him, my dad got me a table at a convention and we only had a few prints, but it was enough for me to fall in love with conventions and art, and I kept going with that. And you know, I sell more things now, and my art has kinda expanded, in a way.

Clarissa: What are your favorite materials to use when drawing?
Ethan: I like to do a lot of pen and ink, but I’ve been doing a lot of digital work too on the computer. I started painting a little bit too, which is actually really fun because it’s very free-flowing and there’s a lot of time to get your creativity out.

Clarissa: Do you feel that representation in media could be increased (like with Black Panther and Wonder Woman), and if so, how?
Ethan: I think that everyone has something to say, and a lot of people are always afraid to speak out against injustices and problems in the world that they feel like they can’t fix without getting attention. But there’s always some way that you can do something, and I think especially with art, there’s always some kind of message that you can hide in it or some kind of tone or feeling that you can give off. With art, it gives you a lot of freedom to speak out against something.

Clarissa: What do you think about when drawing an original character?
Ethan: I usually think about people in my life that kind of inspire something about that character, and I want the person to be interesting or have some kind of problem that we all have. Because for me, when I think about Spider-Man, he is a character who is like everybody—he has the same problems as everyone—so when I create a character, I want it to kind of represent other people or how they are.

Clarissa: How do you feel your art has evolved over the years?
Ethan: I think especially after getting critiques or criticism from other artists, it’s really helped expand my horizons. I do a lot of different art styles now and my style has changed a lot. I use different materials now or I try different things because of others’ advice. I’ve also spread out from comic book art and I’m doing a lot of new things.

You can see some of Ethan’s work on Instagram (@ethancastillo05). I look forward to seeing more of his original work.