Junior Reporter: Insha’s Book Review

May 30, 2017

Xyza Junior Reporter Insha M. loves to read books. Recently, she read the book, “The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes” and wanted to share her thoughts on it.

Book Review: The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes by Anne Mazer

This past winter break I went to Granada, Spain. Me, my family and grandparents lived in a house that is summer home of the author, Steven Nightingale. Because of his love for the books, there was a bookshelf in every room. In my room(a kiddie room) there were children’s books. Along with the other books, there was the book The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes!!!

That was the story of how I found this series. Now for the series review …

Abby Hayes is a book series about a girl that is in fifth grade and went to sixth grade and of course graduated. She has three siblings – her two older sisters – Isabel & Eva. They are twins but they completely opposite. Isabel is very intelligent and loves history and fashion and nail polish. She is the best debater in her school. Eva loves sports (as per “Have wheels, will travel” book). She breaks her arm and learns to be less stubborn. Abby calls her sisters the supersibs and the fight a lot. Alex is Abby’s younger brother. He is in second grade. He can already build robots and loves computer games and video games. And makes his own videos games too.

Now all about her friends:

First, I will talk about Jessica. She is Abby’s former best friend. She loved space and science. Her mother is also divorced. In one of the books Jessica moves in with her father in Oregon and then she changes into a boy-crazy girl. She even makes a boyfriend named Ian who takes her to mad – cool parties. Then Abby claims that Jessy is not the same old Jessica.

Hanna is Abby’s current best friend. They met at a picnic. Hanna is a over the top positive in every way. She has a little annoying sister named Elena.

Brianna is one of the most popular girls in school is a major show off. She is a totally bragger.
Her best friend is Victoria. She is very obnoxious. Her favourite is word is like.

Simon is Abby’s crush. He is in 7th grade and he has blue eyes and Abby thinks his smile looks dreamy.

Abby’s favorite color is purple. Her favorite teacher is Ms Bunder (from 5th grade). Her journal is a big secret and it means everything to her. She brings it everywhere she goes. She secretly writes it in class time on every single day.

This book series is recommended for people who like Candy Apple books and Stilton books. I think kids in first grade and up would enjoy reading this series. It’s a fun and mysterious series of books. I give this book 5/5 stars.