Junior Reporter: Jane’s Amazing Adventures with Chimpanzees

December 7, 2017

Junior Reporter Zoya S. watched “Jane,” a documentary about world-renowned anthropologist Jane Goodall and wanted to share her experience at the viewing and write a review of the documentary itself! Sounds like a great documentary, Zoya!

Her Amazing Adventures with Chimpanzees

A Movie Review of the Jane Goodall Documentary

By Zoya Sarangan

I watched the Jane Goodall documentary at Kabuki Movie Theater on October 27th. At 7:00pm we went to the movie theater and then we went to our seats. I sat next to my friend and we ate nachos. We also got some dinner (Mom’s food: flat bread. My food: hot dog). Suddenly the lights turned on. A shadow started down the hallway. Everyone was murmuring excitedly and I craned my neck just enough to see who it was. It was the director himself, Brett Morgan! “Hello, everyone!” he said. “I was going to the South Bay when I decided to drop by and visit because you’re watching the movie I directed, Jane.” He also talked about stuff like Jane Goodall holding his hand and talking to him. Then he asked for questions but my friend and I were too shy to ask anything.

Finally we were able to watch the movie! I was really excited! It started off with how she could not afford to go to college but finally she was sent on a mission to find out about chimpanzees and how they were related to human history. Every day Jane Goodall went to the forest and finally she met some chimpanzees but they ran away! Soon Jane started a “banana club,” which meant she would give them bananas every day in a box. But suddenly the chimpanzees started becoming really aggressive! I didn’t like that part. Nor did I like the part when there was a sickness so a fight broke out and the big group of chimpanzees divided into two groups. The first group soon died out. But I did like the part where Jane Goodall got to hold a cute baby chimpanzee. Soon Jane decided to do something about it and she scattered the bananas so the chimps wouldn`t fight. She learnt that the chimpanzees had feelings, that they used tools, and that they were not always gentle. One day a photographer name Hugo came to take pictures of the chimpanzees even though Jane didn’t like that. Soon they became (more than!) friends and spent many days working together. Hugo went back and a few days later she typed a message on the typewriter to him, and some time later he responded to her letter asking Jane to marry him. Overall it was different than I expected because the movie was kind of like an interview instead of a movie.

I learned that you can make a difference if you try hard enough. You shouldn’t care what other people think about you, but you should do what you feel is right. I found it interesting that she said she would rather die than be kept alive and suffer with illness. I think it was because she saw that when a chimpanzee was kept alive through illness, it was actually suffering so much. I wanted to get out there and explore anything that involved biotics after watching the movie. Now I realize that I could have asked the director what Jane thought of cities and how they are getting bigger and taking the forests away. Maybe one day I will ask Jane Goodall directly!