Junior Reporter: Elections

November 17, 2017

Junior Reporter Insha M. ran for the class representative position at her school elections. She might not have won, but it sure got her reporting on her school elections for Xyza. We hope you try to run again, Insha!

SGA Elections

Do you know what an election is? An election is a way of choosing a leader for a group of people. That is what my school did last month. Every year in my school we have candidates for each position in the SGA (student government association).These positions are: president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. There is also a representative for each class. I wanted to run for representative because I am curious about how the SGA system works. I would like to help my school be a more fun and lively place, and I hope to inspire others to do more along this line. I ran for class representative last year and this year; however, I did not become one.

I interviewed Marya, the candidate that became representative. First I asked, “What do you think you will do at the meetings?” She said, “I think I will report my class’ ideas and listen to the rest of the SGA.” Next I asked, “Why did you decide to run for representative?” She responded, “Because I never ran, and I wanted to try something new.” I asked Marya about her strongest qualities. She said, “They are honesty, kindness, and happiness.” Lastly, I asked “Do you think you are the best one for representative?” She answered yes. I also had an opportunity to ask some questions to the newest secretary, Khadijah. I asked about her plans for the meetings. She thought that she and the other members of the SGA would plan fundraisers, spirit days, fun activities, and more. When I asked her about why she decided to run for the position of secretary, she mentioned that she is planning to run for president of SGA next year and that being a secretary will give her some experience in SGA. About her qualities, she described herself as very neat and organized. When she heard she was elected as the secretary of 2017, she felt happy and excited.

Are you wondering how we knew who to vote for? If you are, let me tell you about it. First, all of the candidates give speeches to the whole school, and then we vote. After that, we hear the results. I liked a lot of the speeches but I had to narrow it down to one for each position. One of the parts I liked most was when Marya and Mohammed had the class debate to decide who would be the class representative and the alternative representative. Are you ready to hear the results for the four main leaders of SGA? I bet you are! So, the vice president and the president are Haroon and Rayan, the treasurer is Zohal, and the secretary is Khadijah. I think these four people are all confident and perfect for their jobs because most of my friends and I voted for them!