Junior Reporter: A Review Of Incredibles 2

August 24, 2018

Junior Reporter Movie Review: Incredibles 2

By Zoya S.

Incredibles 2 is an action-packed superhero movie. It starts off exactly where the first movie left off, where the Incredibles have defeated Syndrome but are faced with a new enemy: the Underminer. Superheroes are still illegal, and their home has been destroyed. I thought this movie was great because while The Incredibles was mostly about Mr. Incredible, this movie was also about Elastigirl. It also provided funny problems where the family is torn between being superheroes and trying to care for the baby and the family. It also shows that kids are capable of doing things themselves (ahem, overprotective parents). I think this movie is appropriate for ages 5+ who have watched the first movie and like action, suspense, and lots of fun. And guess what?? If you liked the costume maker/designer, you’re in for some good news because she’s back and has a new job: babysitting! Also, Violet Parr is having problems with her boyfriend, and Elastigirl meets other friendly superheroes and a new friend (or not!). So get ready for a comedy/action and suspenseful movie!!!