Junior Reporter: A Photo Essay

July 26, 2017

By Ruby C.

9- year old Ruby’s family won the lottery to go to Comic-Con, the largest comic book gathering in North America. Ruby had a great time. She says, “It was kid’s day so we went to talks by Donald Duck artists and another comic artist that gave drawing tips.” Sounds fun, indeed!

Here is her photo essay. Nice job, Ruby! 

I went to Comic-Con with my parents and my older brother Josh. It was in San Diego. We learned about making comics from the artists that draw Donald Duck comics.

This is a funny picture of my brother pretending to hold Thor’s hammer, except it was held by string.

This is my mom and me taking a photo at the photo booth for the the DC Super Hero Girls cartoon.

My brother was excited to see a Lego statue of The Flash. It’s his favorite show on TV.

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There were Pokémon made out of legos and the cool part is that they were life sized.  My favorite is Pikachu. Squirtle was also there but not in the picture.

We saw a life size Batmobile!