Is There A Formula To Formula One Racing?

March 28, 2019

It’s Formula One racing season and people around the world are watching two important teams, Mercedes and Ferrari, fight it out on the tracks. In circuit racing in Barcelona, Lewis Hamilton of the Mercedes team, won his fifth world title but lost to Ferrari for the fastest lap by … three-thousandths of a second! In Melbourne, Hamilton came in second behind his Mercedes teammate Valterri Bottas. Which team will take the title in Bahrain? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Not too familiar with Formula One racing? Check out some of these interesting facts about the race!

– Formula One cars are all open-wheeled, single-seater cars. The hottest companies competing in the races are often car companies, of course. Besides Mercedes and Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus, Renault, and Alfa Romeo are some examples.

– Two sets of rules define Formula One races. One set, called sporting regulations, covers all aspects of the race itself. The other set focuses on the technical specifications of the cars.

– The chassis (the frame where everything in a car is bolted and attached) and the engine are basically the two things that set apart a Formula One car from a regular car.

– Formula One cars would be terrible cars to drive in your regular life. Why? Because they are gas guzzlers. One gallon of gas will get you no farther than four miles. Do you know how many miles your parents’ car can travel on a single gallon of gas?

– The team, the car, and the driver are all equally important parts of the race. No one element can win on its own! If you thought a Formula One driver had an awesome job, you might want to think again. The car is not exactly comfortable, and with all the equipment, temperatures sometimes reach more than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit! Braking, accelerating, and swerving can impact drivers’ bodies, similar to what happens to astronauts in space!

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